“How many times have you seen a beautiful abstract painting and wondered just how they did that? How did they get the idea? How did they achieve that effect?”

Artists like myself want to peek through other artist’s studio keyholes because we are curious to see what other artists are doing. In other words,

“How Did They Do That”?

People learn from other artists and artists learn from each other.

Aren’t you curious how artists do what they do and might want to try it? People need to know what it feels like to make a painting that way. The reason people want to read how abstract artists make their paintings is so they can try to do it themselves, but differently.

You have probably spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for books, tapes and workshops. Many artist charge $75, $100 or more per day for workshops. A five day workshop can easily cost more than $1,000 dollars with tuition, travel, lodging, food, etc.

And still you are just learning from one artist.

I recently spent over $1,000 for a 5 day workshop with a very well known artist and by the third day I was so disappointed I was ready to go home.

Here you are getting the opportunity to learn the techniques of 29 artists.

“Learn The Secrets Of 29 Top Artists”

This is a collection of abstract painting techniques and ideas from 29 accomplished abstract artists and 48 pieces of abstract art work.

This is actually volume five in the "A Walk Into Abstracts" series. Volume one was a massive collection of abstract art and so popular, I felt that artists were frantically searching for new abstract painting techniques. So, I contacted 29 of my favorite abstract artists and asked them to contribute to this book.

These are different abstract artists and abstract paintings than in volume one.

Most of the abstract artists featured in this book would say that their art is more real than other painting styles as the colors and textures they create are real.

Allow yourself to enjoy the creative process of abstract art in which 'Nothing is Wrong’.

Realize that you can create your own masterpiece. You will understand each artist’s methods of painting and use of tools. Don't just copy what other artists are doing, but use these abstract painting techniques to develop your own unique style.

Artists are constantly looking for new forms of expression and this guide offers you the opportunity to satisfy these needs with abstract painting. This is a practical guide so I have included artists that I like their work and their “working process”, which you will need to familiarize yourself with before you start a painting.

Learn Abstract Painting From These Working Processes

These working processes will help you learn abstract painting. Develop your own watercolor painting techniques or acrylic painting techniques and unique style from the clear information on methods, materials, and techniques used by professional artists.

I am very pleased to be able to introduce you to this unique way of learning and to discover what abstract painting is all about. After reading the working process and studying each artist’s work, you can then strike out on a path entirely of your own and develop your own style.

No Drawing Or Painting Experience Required!

Even if you do not have drawing or painting experience, you can learn the abstract methods without any complicated techniques. Even if you prefer to paint realistic art or semi abstract art, abstract art can help you get motivated to develop your own original, individual and creative art.

Inside "A Walk Into Abstracts" you will find 48 stunning abstract paintings by 29 artists. All the artists have a picture of their abstract art and their “working process” on how they did the painting from beginning to end. Their materials, techniques, and work sequence. Every working process is provided with one picture of their abstract art painting.

They are not intended for you to copy, but to help you produce your own original abstract artwork. There is a lot of information to take in, but do enjoy the learning process.

"A Walk Into Abtracts" is able to present an enormous amount of art works and information on “how they did that” in one place. This guide also allows for the observation of many different styles, techniques, colors and applications. The number of beautiful abstract images in this book is stunning.

Start Enjoying Immediately!

The ebook or electronic book, you can download to your computer and start enjoying immediately even if it is 3:00 am. This ebook is designed to be viewed directly on your computer. It is laid out so that two pages will be displayed at once. The page on the left will display the painting and the page on the right will display the artist's working process in creating the painting.

I have spent months producing this ebook and plan to raise the price in the future, but this price is good for now. Even better this comes with a …

100% Risk Free Trial!

That's right. The risk is all mine. If you’re unhappy, for any reason, I don’t want your money. I will treat you the way I wish people treated me -- with gracious trust and the benefit of the doubt. In the unlikely event you decide it’s not for you, you don’t even need to give me a reason why. Because you say so is good enough. Just let me know within 60 days of purchase and I will refund your money.

"A Walk Into Abstracts" Volume Five

Yes, I want the 169 page "A Walk Into Abstracts" volume five electronic book
with 29 artists and 48 full-color abstract paintings.

I can download the electronic book directly to my computer and start enjoying
it immediately.

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Featured Artists

Jacqueline Allison Denise Athanas
Martha Brouwer Katy Cauker
Jan Hunt Dawson Joan Dorrill
Kristi Galindo Dyson Joan Enslin
Kay Fuller Joan Fullerton
Madelaine Ginsberg Karen Hansen
Susan Hensley Donna Holdsworth
Terry Honstead Tis Huberth
Judy Kramer Jeffery Levin
Joye Moon Kathleen Mooney
Isabella Pizzano Barbara Ragalyi
Judy Lyons Schneider Beverly Taylor
Susan Turconi Carolyn H. WarmSun
Margaret Watts Susanne Werner
Silva Cabrera Williams

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